Friday, May 15, 2009

Man stabs teenager in Cebu to get free food in jail

MANILA, Philippines - Poverty prompted a Cebu City resident to stab a youth in an eatery over the weekend just so he could land in jail and enjoy free food served there, a radio report said Monday.

Radio dzBB’s Cebu affiliate reported that Lucio Acosta stabbed the youth, whose name was withheld, and did not resist arrest when accosted by village watchmen.

When watchmen asked him the reason for stabbing the victim, he said he wanted to get free food inside the New City Jail, where he was to be brought.

The report quoted Acosta as saying poverty forced him to resort to an unusual way to get food, as he already tried getting jobs but was rejected because of his asthma.

Acosta was to be formally charged and brought to the New City Jail on Monday, the report said.

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  1. Very sad but as the world get crazy and crazier what next will happen very informative blog keep blogging