Monday, February 13, 2012

Human Heart Nature Beauty Products

Lifestyle is becoming complicated for so many reasons. Fast pace of life, a lot of workloads and so much more. Instant mentality is one of the results of it. Eating what is available on the rack; grab anything just to ease the hungry stomach. It’s been a year or two that I and my sisters are trying to eat healthy foods, avoiding preservatives as much as possible. But the cosmetics that we were using had harmful ingredients.

Last December 2011, I was looking for gifts for my coworkers’ children but I couldn’t find time to shop then my sister came home with a catalogue of Human Heart Nature, my attention was caught by the tag line 100% No Harmful Chemicals and 100% Philippine Made. Then I ordered some to try if they would work for me. And so far they do well for me. We shifted the brand of our toiletries and cosmetics to human nature.

The good thing with these products they’re all natural. Using the indigenous products that can be found locally and employing the locals to alleviate life condition.

Now I registered as a dealer and selling them to my close friends. The prices are fair enough actually cheaper than the other products in the market.

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